No yellowing synthetic leather、Resistance to hydrolysis of cow leather、Imitated microfiber synthetic leather, etc6To obtain the national patent


About us

  Shishi long shong leather co., LTD、Shishi city chung cheung new material technology co., LTD. Was founded2004Years4Month,Company headquarters is located in shishi city, fujian province auspicious auspicious cheese cheese town industrial area;The company covers an area of80000Square meters,The registered capital5300Ten thousand yuan;The company mainly produces high-gradePUSynthetic leather fabric。Company with“An unyielding、Innovation、Continuously exceed”The enterprise concept、The customer is supreme、Constant innovation,Actively guide customers and favored by customers,Enterprise performance is increasing year by year。
  The company insists on scientific management、Many of the must have access to government and industry,2005Years“DMFRecovery system technology application”Shishi major projects、Quanzhou major project plan,2006Years of gains“Quanzhou technology innovation demonstration enterprises”And“Fujian province high and new technology enterprise”,2007Years“PULeather production lineVOCGasDMFGas recovery purification technology” Shishi major projects,2009Years“DMFRecovery tower water purification technology” Shishi major projects,2010Years“Dimethylamine purification separation system”Quanzhou major projects,Quanzhou city is leather industry association member units。


Was founded2004Years


Cover an area of an area80000Square meters


The registered capital5332Million yuan


With six patents of scientific research and technology

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Brand concept

Product positioning based on the high-grade products research and development。Company introduction on behalf of the world's advanced synthetic leather craft of South Korea synthetic leather production technology,Attracting highly educated and rich development experience of the professionals established with South Korea's senior engineer for the development of the core development team,After years of efforts。


An unyielding


With high quality and stable products as the enterprise long-term development、Sustainable development and the foundation of success,We have strict self goodness。


Not content with the status quo,Continue to surpass oneself,Lead the team to seek more updated products and better way of working,Deep in the market to go and make a positive response。

Continuously exceed


Continuous review and to surpass oneself,With itself as the best competitors and beat him。

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