Is madeThe national development and reform commissionConfirmed“Chinese nutrition industry100To be strong”Enterprise
Beijing union university, wuhan university recognized as a graduate student training base for research and development center
Considered by the wuhan governmentHigh and new technologyThe research and development center
Authorized peptides extraction technology invention patent;Polypeptide national standards——Soybean peptide powder(GB/T22492-2008);Compilation book《Peptide nutrition》;The peptides professional testing institution awarded national laboratory accreditation;Cut compound enzymes gradient orientation technology is applied to functional peptides......
  • 1996Years12Month
    The company was registered
  • 1997Years
    Founded institute of peptides;Product named peptide that successful development——Albumin polypeptide capsule
  • 1998Years
    Create a certain scale of functional peptide products production base
  • 1999Years
    Polypeptide product for the United StatesFDAAndUSDATwo-factor authentication
  • 2001Years
    Polypeptide extracted successfully technology patent protection
  • 2002Years
    Company research and development center by wuhan municipal government identified as high and new technology research and development center。And by wuhan university、Beijing union university as a graduate student cultivation base
  • 2003Years
    Published books《Peptides in the world——The cognitive function》
  • 2004Years
    Published《Peptide nutrition》,Marks the birth of a new nutrition science;《No bitter taste of soybean peptide powder production methods》Patent authorized
  • 2006Years
    In order to“Polypeptide anti-aging”Named after the scientific research institution“The world of anti-aging medicine(China)Polypeptide anti-aging research base”Was founded in wuhan
  • 2007Years
    Polypeptide inspection agencies through the national laboratory accreditation;Through the quality management systemISO9001:2000Certification
  • 2008Years
    Preparation of peptide standards——Soybean peptide national standards;The second phase started;Through the food safety management systemISO22000:2005Certification
  • 2009Years
    Build collagen peptide production line;Health foodGMPThe certificate
  • 2010Years
    Was established“The Chinese aging standard data collection center”;Was rated as high-tech enterprises;《A kind of enzyme preparation of rapeseed peptides hydrolyzed directly with meal》Patent license
  • 2011Years
    Hand in hand China foundation for the promotion of healthy aging special fund
  • 2012Years
    Four patents issued by the national Patent Office authorized certificate;(“A has whitening effect of fish skin collagen peptide and its preparation process and use”、“A moisturizing effect of fish skin collagen peptide and its preparation process and use”、“A kind of herbal fruit wine brewing process and the preparation method of the series of wine”、“A kind of egg white protein polypeptide preparation technology”);Be considered“China association of elderly care elderly nutrition research and development base in China”;Testing centerCNASReview through
  • 2013Years
    Was awarded the first prize for scientific and technological progress in hubei province;High and new technology enterprise review to go through;《A preparation of collagen tripeptide technology》Patent authorized
  • 2014Years
    Was awarded the first prize for science and technology of China cereals, oils and society,As the main drafting unit to participate in industry standards and revising《Wheat low poly peptide》、《Casein peptide phosphate》;To obtain the national industrial products production license
  • 2015Years
    Participate in the national standard《Soybean peptide powder》Revision;The patent《A micro capsule walnut polypeptide and its preparation method》Authorized
  • 2016Years
    The patent《A collagen tripeptide chelating calcium and its preparation method》、《A kind of protection of liver function combination of peanut peptides and its application》Authorized;Start high and new technology enterprise secondary application,Has been published
  • 2017Years
    Create a functional peptides supplementation autonomization road institute,Workshop electric business platform development for a dream14The function of polypeptide product,Application field widely,As a star product appearance in the natural and nutritional health products exhibition in Asia,Won numerous praise。
Foodborne polypeptide material research、Development、Applications、Market promotion
Commercial application of professional research institutes
21In forging expert team,Form a group of contains expert who enjoys the benefits of the state council、The professor、Senior engineer、Graduate students
Diversified bring together research and development team
Create the wuhan institute of peptides、The construction of peptide research and development institutions
Take the national torch plan project(00D231D7610735)、National torch plan key projects(Z20060105)、
Declare invention patent20A、
Authorized12A、The cumulative published journal articles100More than......
Testing authority、Strictly controlled
Reduce the cycle of the product
Joint inspection certification group jointly established in ChinaTALLYHOQuality inspection department
Through the national laboratoryCNASAndCMACertification
Our products issued by the inspection report with legal effect,For the world54A national recognition
Product inspection cycle short、Business efficiency is high
The total investment9.68Hundred million Cover an area of an area150m
Production plant area500000M²
Advanced equipment、Exquisite craft、Casting first-class product quality
Can meet in the future50The needs of the market
Peptide experts Service all over the world
Promote the development of peptide industry in China Service polypeptide global markets
TallyhoAs the pioneer of the peptides health industry in China,Always uphold the quality first、Reputation first、The purpose of the service first,For the domestic and foreign enterprises to provide quality products and raw materials。
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