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    Technology is strong、The new equipment

    Dragon industrial co+Points focus on technology updates and equipment improvement,In recent years, successively investments1400More than ten thousand yuan production equipment imported from abroad300Many PCS\/sets;Have modern office facilities and improve the physical and chemical properties testing、Inspection methods,And the simulation test device,Ensure the stability of the production efficiency and product quality。

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    Products are exported to at home and abroad

    Main products of the hui dragon industrial production“And the dragon”Big、Medium FRP cooling equipment、Core material components、Glass fiber reinforced plastic valves and other products covering all parts of the country;National engineering40Supporting multiple projects2000Type above:Glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower600More than one,And exported to Sudan、The Philippines、The united Arab emirates and other countries and regions。

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    Good image quality

    In recent years has become China's petrochemical market resources group and China national petroleum corporation,State power group company network members,A member of the Chinese association of glass fiber reinforced plastic,The American society for cooling water(CTDMembers;Henan province science and technology enterprises,Provincial advanced enterprise;Provincial contracts and keep promise enterprise,Such as much honor。

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    To provide satisfactory products and good service

    Continue to adhering to developing in the future“Rigorous、Self-discipline、Diligence、Pragmatic”The enterprise concept,To follow““The user in my heart”The service tenet,Send a good after-sales service team,Long tour across the country,To provide users with satisfactory products and good service!


Our purpose is:

Quality is our life,The user is our god

  The company size  His remit dragon industrial co., LTD is specialized is engaged in the production、Medium FRP cooling tower***Enterprise;Always in the continuous development of the technology and equipment、Combining the production capacity and market,Formation of the current product variety is complete、Strong technical force、Market performance significantly integrated enterprise。The company covers an area of7.6Million square meters,The registered capital2180Ten thousand yuan;My company production of glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower、Steel structure workshop、The mechanism of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline、Cold...

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Plastic stent

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The principle of glass fiber reinforced plastic

The principle of glass fiber reinforced plastic

  The concept of the composite material is a kind of material can not meet the use requirement,Need by two or more materials compound together,The material that constitutes another can satisfy the requirement of people,The composite materials。For example,A single kind of fiber glass,Although the strength is high,But the fibers is loose,Can only sustain tension,Unable to bear bending、Shear and pressure...[To check the details]

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